At Sovereign Solar, we don’t just offer standard, run-of-the-mill advice. As long-term, active members of the renewable energy sector, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide insightful recommendations to maximise the efficiency of solar power on your property. For instance, average solar installation companies will tell you that south facing solar panels are wasted infrastructure, but we know from experience that in many cases south positioned panels provide an ample source of energy.

We don’t push our commercial customers to install big, more costly >100kW systems; unless there is a calculated, predictable benefit to the customer. In fact, even when there is eligible rooftop space to do so; because this usually entails a larger upfront cost. So it may be more financially viable for a commercial customer to remain within STC parameters than increase to an LGC.

When installing a solar power system, our team consider more than the orientation of proposed solar panels. We also consider the latitude of the building, the pitch and material construction of your roof, or manipulating the angle of panels by applying a tilt frame to exploit seasonal changes, when appropriate.

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Commercial Opportunities

Solar PV systems are a great investment opportunity for commercial properties. Not only are there potential tax benefits, the layout and sheer size of commercial buildings result in roofs which are ideal for solar panels! For example a bowls club building typically aligns with the width of the bowling green, between 31-40 metres. This means the clubhouse roof is equally long, and a lack of trees prevents shading. Likewise, motels usually have lengthy rooftops, which align with guest car parking. Other popular commercial properties which utilise solar energy include golf clubs, pubs and shopping centre car parks.

Solar Energy – The Business is Clear

Maintaining the viability of your business now and into the future is paramount. As fellow business owners, Sovereign Solar understands that operational costs – specifically the rising cost of electricity, is a major concern for Aussie businesses. That’s why we urge businesses to strongly consider solar energy for their commercial premises! The economic returns of solar power have dramatically improved over the past twenty years. As the technology evolves, the cost of equipment has decreased, while the cost of electricity continues to increase. Additionally, financiers have started to specialise in products designed to make solar energy more readily accessible to commercial enterprises. Solar can effectively eliminate your mains electricity bills, resulting in an immediate reduction in costs. This frees up cash flow to invest in other facets of the business. Plus, in our experience, customers usually find the savings they make by switching to solar exceed the cost of repayments on the system. Consequently, solar PV panels can significantly decrease the monthly expenditure of any business.

As electricity costs around Australia increase, the cost of solar panels continues to decrease, and consequently the more viable commercial solar PV becomes. Various financial incentives such as Feed-in Tariffs and STC discounts make commercial solar even more attractive.

Feel free to share your bill with our team and we can help you decipher your current electricity fees.

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