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The Tax Benefits Of Commercial Solar

The Australian Government allows both business owners and individuals to claim the depreciation of their solar assets as a tax deduction. This can be claimed for the period of the equipment’s effective life – usually 15-20 years, at a rate of 5-10%. The repayments made on an operational lease are tax deductible over the term of the lease. Businesses with an annual turnover under $2 million are eligible to write-off up to $6,500 worth of depreciable solar assets. Large scale commercial solar energy investments valued at $20,000 may be eligible for an accelerated rate of depreciation. It’s best to confirm the potential tax benefits for your business with your tax accountant, as they can review your particular circumstances, like taxable income.

By Installing a Sovereign Solar PV System you can:

  • Feel great about helping the nation to reach its renewable target.

  • Secure Australia’s power supply and stabilise electricity costs.

  • Support the country’s demand for renewable energy by boosting the industry.

  • Promote your business’ commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly choices!

The Sovereign Difference

  • Sovereign Solar partners with financial service providers who specialise in the solar industry, to ensure every commercial customer can afford a solar system!

  • Pay nothing upfront when you take advantage of our exclusive deals with TPC and Classic Funding Group; giving your business immediate access to a solar system, so you can begin saving on operational electricity costs straight away!

  • Sovereign Solar ensures there is always an accredited Clean Energy Council (CEC) installer and designer on site during solar system installation.

  • Sovereign Solar only recommends a select range of trustworthy solar component manufacturers, with proven industry experience.

  • All Sovereign Solar products are CEC approved and therefore eligible for the STC scheme.

  • Sovereign Solar obtains the approvals to connect commercial solar systems to the network in your region; making your transition to solar hassle free!

  • The products sold by Sovereign Solar have all been imported directly by the manufacturer, as opposed to parallel imports, which ensures manufacturer’s warranties do apply in Australia; giving our customers peace of mind.

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