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We install solar energy systems onto residential homes of any shape and size.

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Save big and add value to your business by investing in solar power.

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We install Solar PV Systems of any size!

Sovereign Solar will configure a solar system to meet your energy needs, no matter the circumstances of the property. We specialise in PV installations ranging from 6-40kW, but can also design systems reaching up to 100kW; for both commercial and residential premises! Whether your power bill is $300 or $3000 per quarter and we can create a custom system solution for a complex site, our team have the expertise to eclipse the amateur installation of other solar system retailers.

Our Free Energy Assessment

  • By analysing your most recent electricity bills, our consultants can estimate the amount of energy a particular PV system will produce, what your predicted repayments would be and therefore help evaluate your potential return on investment. This service is available completely free of charge for occupants of both commercial and residential dwellings!

  • Our Free Energy Assessment is designed to give prospective solar energy customers an understanding of their energy usage and an idea of how switching to solar power could drastically reduce their electricity bills. We have found this process is most effective when conducted in person, at the proposed installation site, as this can stimulate impromptu discoveries about your power use. For instance, we can help identify what appliances are always running, how energy efficient your pool filter pump is, what period of the day air conditioning is typically turned on, even the proportion of the roof that is exposed to sunlight!

  • In turn, this Assessment enables our Consultants to recommend specific solar products and determine an overall system size, to meet your individual energy needs. It’s important to remember the Assessment is based on assumptions about your energy usage habits. As such, the results of your Free Energy Assessment should be considered a guide only. Your actual repayments and electricity savings may be more or less than the projected amount. The more detailed information you are able to provide our Consultants with, the greater the accuracy of your Energy Assessment.

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